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By 29 October 2016 July 9th, 2020 Uncategorized

French drift championship Round 6 – Finale – Albi

Here it is: the last round of the 2016 french drift championship!
After two rounds during which the VoodooRide s14 worked properly and allowed me to qualify through the work of HP Engineering and the new engine from GOI Engineering, I am overmotivated for this last race of the year!
Arrived in Albi on friday afternoon, we set up the paddock booth and lets go to training!

s14 drift VoodooRide Jeremy Merires

Immediately, I realized that the initiation was very technical: It got to be very fast and done all with the handbrake. Not really what I love the most, and I struggle to attack the first corner cleanly.
The rest of the track (a manji, then a right turn rather tight) is not a problem for me, because the car works very well and allows me to rock the third gear, which was not possible before.
Fortunately, there is more training to come, and I use it do make the most possible follower runs to analyze how each driver handles this initiation. By the way, I love to run as follower, and it gaved some nice videos!

s14 vs e30 DriftGreat battles with the guys from Brothers custom during the #CFD2016 #round6!
#TeamVoodooRide Voodoo Ride Voodoo Ride France


On satruday morning we go for a last training session, and I still have some difficulties with the initiation. But no time to try other initiation ways, it’s time for qualifying!

I’m stressed for the first qualifying run beacause I know that I’m gonna lose a lot of points on the initiation. I do a “safe” run and score some points.

s14 drift VoodooRide Jeremy Merires
Second qualifying run, the initiation is still not the best but I pass on each clip properly with a little bit more speed, and I am qualified for the Top32!

s14 drift VoodooRide Jeremy Merires
We had a memorable evening with my team and all the drivers and the championship staff.

It’s very early when we land in the paddock on sunday morning. Time for Top32!
First run, Francesco Conti is the leader. His 1000hp s13 is incredible, and he was 300m far when he attacked the first corner… So I make a single run, trying to be as clean as possible, taking all the clips.
s14 drift VoodooRide Jeremy Merires

Second run, I go leader. I force myself to forget that there is a 1000hp beast ready to eat me just behind my car!
s14 drift VoodooRide Jeremy Merires

Francesco wins the battle, but I am not disappointed at all because I took a lot of pleasure!

He won the Round 6, and my teammate Nicolas Dufour won the championship, congrats to him!!

The 2016 season is already over, and it was really great! Thanks to my sponsors Voodoo Ride FranceHP-EngineeringKENNOL Performance OilProstik GraphicCEIKADriftShopSHARK HelmetsFreegunGOI EngineeringWATATASwitch RidersMistral Kart, to all my friends who helped me so much during the year, and to each one of you who followed me in this adventure!

THANK YOU and stay tuned!