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French Drift CHampionship Round 5 – Chamrousse

A few weeks after the round 4 in Tours on the awesome Speedway banking, it finally comes down to business: the mountains!
I live in Ardeche, wich is a french region with a lot of mountains roads, so I waited this touge round since a long time.

Take a look on the video recap:

Touge Drift – French Drift Championship round 5

Because french alps
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Posted by Jeremy "Tchouf" Merires on Thursday, September 1, 2016


Saturday morning, already 4 cars crashed. Trust me when I say it is a little bit scary!

Drift Touge Crash

The trainings are going well, the car works correctly even if it is deprived of part of its power due to the altitude. And for thos who followed the first part of my season, you guys know that this is a good point!
I have some troubles to get the clip 2 due to the lack of power, but anyway it’s so good to drift this awesome road!

s14 voodooride jeremy tchouf merires
Qualifying: on the advice of my VoodooRide teammate Nicolas Dufour, I make a safe first run without taking risks. I missed a little the clip 2, touching only the corner of him, but I got my qualification in the Top 32.

s14 voodooride jeremy tchouf meriresNow that’s done. For the second run, the idea is to go hard and get more points! I got the motivation from the HP Engineering and Prostik guys, who cames to see the competition.

Les GoPro sont solides ! Et tant mieux !!

Gopros are resistant. Fortunately!


But a brake caliper failure killed my run in the first corner, to be honnest I was close to hit the mountain. I got to deal wih my first run points, wich gave me in a bad top 32 position.

Sunday morning, the car does not work at all during the training, because of big fuel-cuts. Arnaud worked hard so the car can run, and it’s time to go for the first battle!

s14 voodooride jeremy tchouf merires top 32

Ready for Top 32 !



Well, here I got to explain the context. Axel is a good old friend, and a few years ago I told him that one day we would have a drift battle. Here we are!
There is a little bit of pressure, axel made the ninja in his s13, and I try to turn on the Gopro. Here we go! Axel hand immediately way ahead, and I am lagging behind despite the constant pressure of my foot on the gas pedal. The car still makes fuel cut’s, and I cannot go back on Axel.
For the second run, the car works better, and my run is almost clean. It’s not enough and Axel deserved his top 16 qualification. I’m happy anyway.

s14 voodooride jeremy tchouf merires axel françois

Sorry Axel, you’ve won the battle on the track, but I won the paddock battle! Stickers war just begin!!

I <3 what??

I <3 what ??

Nicolas finally ends with a fine second place, and Axel with a third place. Well done guys!


Jack Shanahan had no more posters so he was signing mine, fun moment!

A big THANK YOU to all who help me, my sponsors, friends, and people who support me! See you for the final in october!!