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Championnat de France de Drift Round 4 – Tours Speedway

For the first time since I started drifting, the car ran well throughout the weekend, allowing me to get my first Top 32!
But it would not have been possible without the valuable support of people as nice as motivated.
Let’s go one week back!

It all starts when I get a SR20DET engine and gearbox from GOI ENGINEERING.
Indeed, Marco was at King of Europe a few weeks before, and found that my old engine would not give anything anymore: when we fix it on the left, it broke on the right. A completely dead engine.
So he was kind enough to offer me to ride with his engine, wich I received a few days later.
Both say that when I saw the pallet with the engine and its gearbox, I was like a snail in front of a fresh salad!


Then Kevin and Fab from HP Engineering started the dismantling of the old engine and installation of the new one. It was long, full of surprises and setbacks, but they managed to finish in the right time since the car was ready to race on the evening of departure!

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”2″ gal_title=”TOURS – 1″] As always a few surprises, the manifold was cracked. But David from FullArtMetal saved us, with a modification for the new TIAL wastegate!

collecteur SR20DET TIAL WASTEGATE SR20DET S14Before I tell you the full story, I ‘d like to thank again GOI Engineering for the engine, and HP Engineering for the mecanic. I finally got to ride, I took an incomparable pleasure , and it’s all thanks to you , so THANK YOU!


Let’s go to Tours (France) and its famous Speedway, with Arnaud, Alexis and my little brother Tom.
With such a team , the road was rather fun!
We discovered this unique layout of its kind in the french drift championship, with his big banked turn like Nascar tracks. And believe me, at that time, I was a little bit affraid.
Arnaud was wondering which way I was going to kill the s14 …
CFD2016 ROUND 4 TEAM VOODOO RIDEFriday practice goes nice, I gradually discovers the track. The banking is quite confusing at first, because it throws the car into the turn, forcing to trigger almost facing the wall at a crazy speed.
S14 TEAM VOODOO RIDE JEREMY MERIRESThe track is not really cool with the suspensions, fortunately my CEIKA coilovers do their job, and after a few adjustments Arnaud manages to make the car stable on the whole track, even on the most violent areas. Only the front end slightly lacking: it is completely strange, and freezes when approaching maximum lean. Both say that having a completely blocked wheel, gliding and facing a wall, it is particularly scary!

Practice on saturday morning: I am more and more comfortable. The car goes really well, no worries since we arrived, and those who followed the first part of the season know that this is a first!
First qualifying run, I listen to the advice of my team-mate Nicolas Dufour, and I do a “safe” run to ensure qualification. It’s going pretty well, and I advanced to 18th place in the provisional standings.

Top 32 starts from Sunday morning, and I fall against Roman Soucasse, which is one of the best pilots of the championship. I go follower for the first run, and I redo the same mistake as the previous day during testing: I spin at the exit of the banking because of my strange frontend. Too bad, I thoroughly enjoyed and I finished the run with the pedal to the metal!
I go leader for the second run, and there I experienced one of the best moments of my life!
Romain sticks his BMW to my s14, and I hear his car just behind me during the entire run. MAGIC!
He logically win this battle, and I leave happy with this run .
S14 TEAM VOODOO RIDE JEREMY MERIRESIt ‘s done, for the first time the car worked all the weekend, I got my first qualification and I made my first battle against a top driver. I finally met the Voodoo Ride staff with whom we have had a great time.
The friends were there also, as Axel François, Alexandre Strano, Damien, Sylvain, Cedric and all.
In fact, this weekend could be summed up in one word: PERFECT!

Huge thank to all those who in one way or another allow me to live that dream and supports me. Sponsors, friends , family, really thank you to all and see you at Round 5!