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Jeremy « tchouf » merires

Age : 26
Bikes : – Yamaha 600 YZF R6 2004
- Yamaha 600 YZF R6 2005

Started stuntriding in 2007


Hi Jeremy ! Can you introduce yourself briefly ?
Jeremy Mérirès aka Tchouf, I’m 26 and I’m from France southeast, Aix en Provence. I ride two Yamaha YZF R6.

How did you get the passion for motorcycles, especially for the stunt ?
The passion of the bike came to me quite young, about 6 years.  I practiced motocross for a while then I had to stop. I got back on a motorcycle with the streetbike freestyle five years ago.

You have found the Switch Riders team in 2008. At the time, could you imagine what it became ?
Not at all ! At the begining it was just a funny trip with my friends (we were originally three), then we did a show, then more and more every year.
The team has grown gradually, and the shows are become increasingly important and now we travel a lot ! And we love it ..!

What are your goals for the future ?
Ride the most as possible of course, continue to make shows in big events, and especially produce nice videos to please the people who follow us (thank you all) !

What are your favorite tricks?
Straight line combos, drift and stoppies !

What do you think about your R6 ?
These bikes are really great.
Above all, what is striking is their lightness, and the engine. Powerful !