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Julien « Ju » Dieze

Age :
Bike : Kawasaki Zx6R 636

Started stuntriding in 2003



Hi Julien! Can you introduce yourself briefly ?
Hello, my name is Julien aka  »Ju # » ! I ride in Toulon (south east France), where I live. I’m 26 and I ride on a Kawasaki 636.

How did you get the passion for motorcycles, especially for streetbike freestyle ?
I discovered it in 2003 during the Stunt Bike Show in Paris, then I started riding !

Your goal for 2014 ?
Marriage, three children, a labrador and a Volvo…
Joke ! Some competitions…shows..and a lot of fun with Switch Riders!

What are your favorite tricks ?
My favorite tricks ? It’s in my bed and it’s private !!!

Seriously I love fast combos..!