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Our story

2008 – creation of the team and first shows in Spain
2009 – first shows in France and first good results in competitions
2010 – more than 40 shows in one year, good results in competitions and first sponsors
2011 – more than 50 shows, first videos on youtube and a big trip in Mauritius island
2012 – trip in Reunion island, a lot of videos like Restricted Area – Drifting Motorcycles Crossing (more than 7 millions views on Youtube), first participation at Wheels Fest
2013 – more than 50 shows, perfect results in competitions, unfortunately some several injuries have disrupted the season. However, Ben and Tchouf left several months for a Caribbean tour
2014 – many trips, videos, and great results in competitions
2015 – a lot of shows and travels, new videos, new sponsors, 2015 was definitly one of our biggest year ever
2016 – launching of our drifting competition (Superbike Drift) with a very big success, and one of our riders starting a car drifting carreer 
2017 – going back to basics: stunt sessions, trips, friends and smoke! 

What is stuntriding?

In fact, there is no real definition. We could say that the principle is to take a bike a have fun to do all that is possible with, trying to push the limits each time. It’s also much exchange and sharing good times with friends, and more crazy delusions than each other. Like any passion, everyone sees and life has its way, here’s our:



We thank all those who follow us and encourage us either from the beginning or the last hour. A big thank also to our sponsors, wich help us to live our passion thoroughly and allow us to carry out all the twisted ideas that we can have!



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